A BIG Thank You.

A huge thank you to everyone that voted Labour in the general election. We did not win the seat. We did however win the night. Our share of the vote went up dramatically and we moved from fourth to third. The Lib Dems once again failed to win locally and it is probably time for them to move aside, or at least start offering some real policies rather than relying on tactical voting to win them seats.

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The Forty Percents

Most important result for me last night – vote share – Labour went from 26 point behind in the polls to equaling the Tory share of 40% of the vote (The Conservatives are on 42%). That single fact gives legitimacy to the idea that Labour can speak for the nation.  When it comes to Br-exit negotiations, when it comes to voting in the houses of parliament, when it comes to convincing other parties that you can create a stable minority or coalition government, that is important. Continue reading